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“In the spiritual community, the rigid application of rules is replaced by something far more subtle:  a living network of friendship and communication centred on the highest shared ideals” (Sangharakshita: Living with Kindness)

What does it mean for each of us to join the Order as spiritual community – is it a support, a practice in itself or something altogether different?    We’ll be examining what it means to become a true individual, the significance of the private and public ordinations and what in means to take our place in the 4 lineages of our own spiritual tradition.

The team for this retreat includes Dhammadassin, Kalyacitta, Prajnagita and Vandanajyoti and you can find the study material here.

We are hoping to hold this retreat at Tiratanaloka.  If this is not possible, we will run it as an online event.  We are asking you book with just a deposit at present and we will let you know the appropriate balance amount at least one month before the retreat.  Please book only if you are happy to do this as a residential retreat.

Friday, November 12, 2021 to Friday, November 26, 2021
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