Bursary Fund

Women from abroad, single mums, younger women and women on a low income sometimes need financial help coming on our retreats. Women from outlying situations may not have a Sangha to help them raise the cash they need. Our bursary fund has supported women from as far away as Mexico and Estonia, and as close as Buddhafield, to come here.

A Training Ground

For over twenty years Tiratanaloka Retreat Centre has been providing training for women who wish to take ordination into the Triratna Buddhist Order. We are a unique resource for women, providing a range of longer retreats that explore the principles and practices of our Order, helping women to develop confidence in their spiritual potential, and to decide whether the Triratna Buddhist Order is for them.

Over 800 women have been ordained since Tiratanaloka Retreat Centre opened at the end of 1994, more than doubling the number of Dharmacharinis in the world.

Women from Estonia, Sweden, Finland, France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Turkey, USA, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia as well as Irish, Welsh, Scottish and English women, have benefited from the training we offer here, and joined the Order.

How you can support your Dharma sisters

You can support other women to come to Tiratanaloka as part of their ordination process through standing order payments; as little as £2 a month makes a big difference! By giving money to the bursary fund, you can help your Dharma sisters who can’t afford to come on retreat here; money is energy, and this is a great way to use yours to help change the world. If you are not able to set up a regular donation please consider a one-off donation, which you can add to your retreat payment when you pay online.

Please use the forms below to make a donation or set up a standing order.

  • To make a one-off donation to the bursary, please print off and complete the bursary donation form and send it to us, along with your cheque, at the address below, or make a donation when you pay for your retreat online.
  • To make a regular donation from your bank account, you can print off and complete the banker’s order form and send it to us.
  • Don't forget that we can claim tax back on any donation made to the Bursary Fund if you sign the Gift Aid declaration at the bottom of the form. There is also a gift aid form you can print off on this page.
  • Alternatively to set up a standing order or to give a one-off donation you can go directly to our Tiratanaloka Bursary Fund on our Just Giving page

Please send donations and forms to: Tiratanaloka Retreat Centre, Aber, Talybont-on-usk, Brecon Powys, LD3 7YS