Online Weekend: Meditating on the Yidam

The Esoteric Refuges: Meditating on the Yidam


“The Dharma which we've actually experienced, it's that Dharma which is the Dharma to which we really go for Refuge. This is the esoteric Dharma Refuge, the Deva Refuge. We go for Refuge only to the Dharma we actually practise in any real, deep living sense, and for the Vajrayana this is primarily the chosen Buddha or Bodhisattva on whom we regularly meditate, because we've at least actually experienced him, or her, in our meditation.” Sangharakshita, ‘Levels of Going for Refuge’

What is the Dharma we actually reflect on, that we turn over again and again in our minds?  How does the Dharma take shape and communicate to us in our brightest and darkest moments?  How can we live by what we have learnt?  On this online weekend we’ll explore what it is we really devote ourselves to in our Dharma reflections, and how we can take those reflections to another level. 


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Friday, June 14, 2024 to Sunday, June 16, 2024
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