‘The Mudra of Meditation': resting within’ Online Weekend Retreat

‘Yes, there are the hindrances to meditation to be avoided, and external distractions to keep away from; there is the space and time for one’s practice to be found, so that a certain momentum, a continuity of awareness, can be developed.  But the essence of it is that one must want to go deeper.'

This weekend retreat is part of a series of online weekends exploring the symbolism of the mudras, or hand gestures, of the mandala.  The mudra of Amitabha is one of meditation: dhyana.  Both hands gently resting in the lap with thumbs lightly touching. Still, yet present.  The mudra draws us into to the deeper reaches of our consciousness.   On this retreat we will review what is happening in our meditation and how it affects our lives.  How can we embody the qualities of meditation: receptivity, awareness and positive emotion?  

We are running this weekend retreat online so that as many people as possible can join us.  It starts at 8pm on Friday night, and ends after the puja at 9pm on Sunday night.

The team for this retreat includes Parina, Dhammadassin and Karunadhi

Friday, April 14, 2023 to Sunday, April 16, 2023
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