Going for Refuge and Prostration Practice

The Going for Refuge and Prostration Practice is an important practice that we do together on retreat, so while we are unable to run face-to-face retreats, we would like to also offer you the opportunity to join with others doing this practice led by the Tiratanaloka community at 4pm starting on the 20th of April and continuing every week, Monday to Friday, until 22nd May and then again from 8 - 26 June. This is being offered to all mitras who have asked for Ordination.  If you’d like to join some or all of these sessions you can register here https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYvfu6urzooGNK2saSOH3P3jaDkMu-i6ncx.  Once your registration has been accepted, you can join as many sessions of the practice as you wish.  When you register, you will be asked to confirm that you have asked for ordination or that you are an Order member.  If you've not been taught the practice before, we will send you some introductory information.  You can see a guide to doing physical prostrations during the practice here.