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We've outgrown our building.  Right now we have waiting lists for most of our retreats and more would come if we could host them.  We also need space for a bigger team to support the retreats. 

We want a bigger retreat centre so that we can run retreats for at least 60 people and house a community of 12.

Imagine not being limited to only booking for one retreat but being free to follow your own inspiration.

Imagine not having to undergo the uncertainty of the waiting list but being able to plan your Dharma calendar, or book spontaneously.

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Our programme for 2024 is now available online

In order to give everyone a chance to book a retreat, we ask you initially not to book more than one longer residential retreat. The retreat bookings will then open up for second retreats in January 2024.  If there are spaces at a later date we will advertise them.

Although our retreats often book up, they are not always full when the retreat actually starts.  So do consider going on a waiting list as a space may come up. 

Thank you for your continued support.  We look forward to having you here.


Last updated:  26th July 2023