People of Colour long weekend

Live United, Radiate Love


Cherish the doctrine, Live united, Radiate love’.  This is Dhardo Rimpoche’s message, on this retreat we will explore the last two exhortations to Live united and Radiate love.  

'So we may ask, we may wonder, what prevents us from being united in practice? What prevents us from living united, what prevents us from being a spiritual community in the fullest sense?  We may say, that what prevents us from living united is egotism, or if you dislike the old-fashioned word egotism, what prevents us from living united is our individualism. Only too often we think that we are acting as individuals when we are really only being individualistic. So when Rimpoche says, `Live united', he is also saying, on a deeper level, in a deeper sense, `Live egolessly. Live in a non-individualistic manner.' He is saying, `Realize that there is in the ultimate sense no separate self, no separate unchanging self, to defend or to assert.

The third and last part of Rimpoche's message: radiate love. By love Rimpoche means metta, or if you like metta and karuna.  In other words, Rimpoche is asking us to radiate friendliness. He's asking us to develop an attitude of spiritual friendship’. (Sangharakshita -  The Message of Dhardo Rimpoche)

Are you ready to discover the power of living united and raditating love? Let's dive into Dhardo Rimpoche's wise words and learn how to navigate challenges and overcome limitations and touch into a deeper depth of metta and Karuna 

The team for this retreat is Amaragita, Bodhilila, Karunadhi and Maitrinita.

The retreat is on a donation basis.  Please do pay a deposit to secure your place (which is non-refundable).  

The usual rates for a long weekend are £200/£145/£100 with a deposit of £70.

Friday, June 28, 2024 to Monday, July 1, 2024
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This retreat is on a dana basis.
Suggestions are £200/£145/£100

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