A System of Practice

Required reading:

In preparation for this Retreat please listen to the series of 8 talks by Subhuti on the topic The Five Aspects of the Dharma Life. In these talks, Subhuti delves into the fundamental principles behind Integration, Positive Emotion, Spiritual Receptivity, Spiritual Death, and Spiritual Rebirth.  They are on Free Buddhist Audio and the link is below.

You can also buy a booklet from Padmaloka called The Five Aspects of Sangharakshita's System of Dharma Life which is transcriptions of the talks.  The booklet costs £7.50.  The link for that is also below.    We also have booklets here at Tiratanaloka for sale, but you will need to have listened to the talks prior to coming.  

Please come prepared with questions and areas for discussion in your study group.