Tiratanaloka - coronavirus information

We're not currently able to hold residential retreats at Tiratanaloka due to the COVID-19 pandemic though we are hopeful that we'll be able to reopen later in 2021.

We've decided to continue running retreats online until the start of July 2021 and may reopen after that if conditions allow.

​For 2021, we will be releasing our programme of events in 3 month chunks on the following dates:

For April - early July 2021 we will publish our retreats programme online on 2nd January 2021 (now online)

For July - September 2021 we will publish our retreats programme online on 2nd April 2021

For October - December 2021 we will publish our retreats programme online on 2nd July 2021

We'll ask you to book no more than two retreats (not including weekends) in any year in order to ensure that everyone has a chance of being on retreat with us.

As I'm sure you can imagine, these are anxious times for retreat centres as all of our income comes from running retreats and it's hard to know when we will be able to do this again. We're very grateful for all your generosity in enabling us to meet our running costs this year.   If we are unable to open for large numbers in 2021, then we will use our reserves to carry on running retreats.  If you feel you could support us by making a donation, you can do so here.

With thanks and metta,


Last updated:  Saturday 2nd January 2021