The Transcendental Principle Retreat

‘The secret of bondage is also the secret of liberation.  By exerting a force stronger than that of hate, stronger than desire, stronger even than ignorance, the Wheel of Becoming can be made to revolve in the opposite direction’.

Studying Chapter 1 of Bhante’s seminal work “A Survey of Buddhism” takes our understanding of the Dharma deeper, and clarifies some of the most important teachings of Buddhism, including the laksanas, pratitya samutpada, and the Middle Way.

Open to those who have already done at least two long retreats at Tiratanaloka.

The team for this retreat includes Santavajri, Vajratara and Kalyacitta

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Sorry, but there are no single rooms available on this retreat now
Friday, March 31, 2023 to Friday, April 14, 2023
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This retreat is now fully booked. Please contact us to be added to the waiting list.