The Transcendental Principle: booking code TP221

                 'Of all those things that proceed from a cause, the Tathagata has explained the cause, and also its cessation.  This is the teaching of the great sramana'.

"You will find this verse of Asvajit's recorded, honoured, and worshipped all over the Eastern Buddhist world.  In Tibet, China, Japan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, it is found carved on stone monuments and clay tablets, printed on strips of paper to be stuffed inside images, and inscribed on plates of silver or gold.  It is, if we may say, the credo of Buddhism......And when you really think about the principle of pratitya-samutpada - in whatever form it is put - when you meditate on it, when your really follow through its implications, you begin to understand the extraordinary impact it has had on the world" (Sangharakshita: The Essential Sangharakshita: Karma and Rebirth).

On this retreat we study together Chapter 1 of Sangharakshita's ‘A Survey of Buddhism’, which shines a light from many angles on conditioned arising, pratitya samutpada, in wide-ranging, dynamic and sometimes challenging ways.

The team for this retreat includes Karunadhi, Santavajri, Vandanajyoti and Vajratara and you can find the study material here.

We are hoping to hold this retreat at Tiratanaloka.  If this is not possible, we will run it as an online event.  We are asking you book with just a deposit at present and we will let you know the appropriate balance amount at least one month before the retreat.  Please book only if you are happy to do this as a residential retreat.

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Sorry, but there are no single rooms available on this retreat now
For those who have been on at least 2 other retreats with us
Friday, September 10, 2021 to Friday, September 24, 2021
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