The Archetypal Symbolism of the Refuge tree - A camping retreat

‘The cosmic refuge tree represents in vivid, detailed symbolic form the whole conception of refuge, in its historical background, universal perspective and its immediate practical application.  It is one of the richest and most complex symbols in the whole field of Tantric Buddhism, a symbol that would repay the study of a lifetime.’

- Sangharakshita

A week spent among trees, living on the beautiful Buddhafield land at Bowerwood, exploring in more detail the vivid and rich symbolism of the Refuge Tree: what it means to us in the way we live our lives and relate to ordination.

Please book with Buddhafield directly.  You can book here.

Led by: Vajratara and Karunadhi from Tiratnaloka, Dayajoti, Amaragita and Viryanaya from Buddhafield, and others.

Saturday, April 23, 2022 to Saturday, April 30, 2022