Opening the Mandala (online weekend retreat) - booking code OWK21

‘’To make a mandala is to take any prominent aspect of reality and surround it with beauty.’  The Bodhisattva creates a mandala through a response to the world that is aesthetic and appreciative rather than utilitarian.  To sustain life you have to engage in a certain amount of practical activity – you have to think about things and understand how the world works – but if you are a Bodhisattva all this takes place within an overall context of aesthetic appreciation.’

We are entering into a new world, a world of change where we can build on what we have learnt during the past year.  What world will we build?  What is most important, most valuable to ourselves and others, and how can we surround that with beauty?  Using the symbol of the mandala the team at Tiratanaloka, with friends, will lead us into spring, through the gateway of the mandala into a new landscape.

‘Around this mandala, this sacred spot, may the lotus petals of purity open, may the vajra wall of determination extend, may the flames that transmute samsara in Nirvana arise.’

The retreat starts with a dedication ceremony at 8pm (UK time) on Friday 26 March, and ends after a puja at 8pm on Sunday 28 March.

Friday, March 26, 2021 to Sunday, March 28, 2021
Suggested Donation: 

This weekend is on a dana basis but we are suggesting an amount of £75.  Please feel free to pay more or less than this!

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This retreat is now fully booked. Please contact us to be added to the waiting list.