Mythic Context Retreat

"Spiritual receptivity is of the utmost importance; without it, spiritual progress simply cannot be maintained.  We need to hold ourselves open to the truth as the flower holds itself open to the sun.  This is what spiritual receptivity means: holding ourselves open to the higher spiritual influences that are streaming through the universe, but with which we are not usually in contact, because we usually shut ourselves off from them.  We should be ready if necessary to give up whatever we have learned so far, which isn't easy by any means, and to give up whatever we have become so far, which is still more difficult" (Sangharakshita: The Essential Sangharakshita)

An opportunity to explore, through the eyes of beauty, myth and ritual, what it is that we can open to in the spiritual life  – what it is that brings our devotion alive.  This will be supported by a significant period of silence and by the Going for Refuge and Prostration Practice: a ritual enactment of creative engagement with all life. 

The team for this retreat will include Kalyacitta, Karunadhi and Prajnagita, and the reading material can be found here.

For those who have been on at least 1 other retreat with us

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Friday, November 11, 2022 to Friday, November 25, 2022
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