‘The Mudra of Supreme Generosity: giving from abundance’ Online Weekend Retreat

‘Generosity is above all an attitude of heart and mind, indeed, of one’s whole being.'

This weekend retreat is part of a series of online weekends exploring the symbolism of the mudras, or hand gestures, of the mandala.  The mudra of Ratnasambhava is one of giving: dana.  One hand remains in meditation while the other is outstretched and open.  How can we give from a basis of stillness?  How can we embody openness and inner abundance?  

We are running this weekend retreat online so that as many people as possible can join us.  It starts at 8pm on Friday night, and ends after the puja at 9pm on Sunday night.

The team for this retreat includes Santavajri, Prajnagita and Vajratara

Friday, January 13, 2023 to Sunday, January 15, 2023
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