Ethics - The Path to Beauty

Required reading:

Please read, make notes, and bring with you Sangharakshita’s The Ten Pillars of Buddhism.  This is available as an e-book from Windhorse Publications (link below) or in printed form from various online book sellers.

This material is also available as a talk from Sangharakshita on Free Buddhist Audio - link below.

It will also be very helpful to look at Sangharakshita's Know Your Mind, in particular the following parts:

Introduction,  Chapter 7 – The Creative Mind at Work: Introduction & the following sections:  2 (Self-respect – hri),  3 (Respect for wise opinion – apatrapya),  4 (Non-attachment – alobha),  5 (Non-hatred – advesa),  11 (Non-violence – avihimsa).

Ethics 2 retreat:

Please read  Know Your Mind Chapter 8 (Forces of Disintegration), Living Ethically Chapter 5 (The Ethics of Views) and Subhuti's paper Revering and Relying upon the Dharma (see link below).

Background reading - Sangharakshita: Living Ethically. This is highly recommended background reading for both the Ethics and Ethics 2 retreats.