I  first came across Buddhism through a work colleague in 1994 and when they suggested I learn to meditate I went along, with curiosity (and some trepidation), to the Triratna Buddhist group in Colchester.  I was affected very positively by meditation, by studying the Dharma and by meeting people who seemed to me to be living a different sort of life to the one I'd know up until then and I asked to join the Order in 1996.

I was ordained in 2002 and moved to Tiratanaloka in November 2005.

I feel very fortunate to be living and working here, having done my own training for ordination at Tiratanaloka and appreciating the real difference each of those retreats made to my life. I've felt a passion for spreading the Dharma unfold over the time I have been here!

I became chair of Tiratanaloka at the end of 2016 and am also at present president of the thriving Buddhist centre in Colchester that has grown up from the group I first attended.

At Tiratanaloka, apart from running retreats, my particular responsibility is working in the office with Karunadhi, Acalavajri and Vandanajyoti and also sorting out (or attempting to) any computer-related things.